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Introducing CimCLIMA
June 27, 2012

Cimberio Valve’s CimCLIMA line offers a number of high quality valves, fan coil kits, and other accessories to improve HVAC system performance.  With numerous options available, CimCLIMA products increase HVAC system’s efficiency, reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs to help make greener buildings.

Cimberio Valve’s CimCLIMA line of valves are suitable for both heating and cooling systems and they are designed to provide isolation, accurate balancing, and time saving bypass, which, helps reduce energy consumption.  Every Cimberio valve is manufactured to ISO 9001 standards and feature compact, corrosion-resistant brass bodies.  Applications include: fan coils, VAV, branch lines, pumps, heating and/or cooling systems, multiple boiler arrangements, radiant lines and terminal vents.

CimCLIMA fan coil kits are built according to the system’s needs.  Available are basic kits for simple manual on/off isolation, balanced kits for more options tuned to the needs of the HVAC system or automated kits for applications where balancing and interfacing with a building management system is needed.  Each kit comes with several options including valve and strainer options, hose lengths, sizes and end connections.

CimCLIMA’s Monolink is an innovative and compact valve assembly that combines the components required for flushing and commissioning an HVAC system into a single unit.  The Monolink combines an isolation valve with integral strainer, drain port, a built-in special by-pass valve, and a manual or automated balancing valve.  With the isolation valve fitted on the flow side, it is possible to clean and service the strainer without having to drain down the whole system.  Four connections are required.  The connections are simple union joints which allows for the whole assembly to be adjusted on site for maximum convenience and easy accessibility.


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