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Jamie Galileo, Larry H. Miller Sports & Entertainment
by Kelly Lux   
August 17, 2011

Managing EnergySolutions Arena in Salt Lake City may seem like a glamorous job – working closely with the Jazz and helping to facilitate high-profile concerts – but to Jamie Galileo, the vice president of Facilities Services with Larry H. Miller Sports and Entertainment, the job is more about the challenge of management and working behind the scenes.

“I think facility managers are just that: facilitators,” Galileo says. “They enjoy a challenge, don't like the spotlight and enjoy serving others as part of a team. I love what I do and am fortunate enough to still be doing it.”

Galileo cares for EnergySolutions Arena, the Spring Mobile Ballpark and the Zions Bank Basketball Center and provides support services on an as-needed basis for other sports and entertainment facilities owned by Larry H. Miller Group of Companies. He was offered the job in Facilities Services by Doug Knudsen, his predecessor, while taking a tour of the then Delta Center. Prior to becoming maintenance manager for the Delta Center, Galileo had been working for America West Arena, now US Airways Center in Phoenix, in their engineering department. He had acquired that job through his work with a general contractor and electrical contractor in Arizona who were contracted to do facilities management for the Airways Center. After completing some tenant improvements, Galileo was hired on by America West Arena. Thus began his career in facilities management in the sports industry.

Jamie GalileoThe 750,000 square-foot EnergySolutions Arena is where Galileo focuses most of his attention on a day-to-day basis. He enjoys the challenges and the variety in managing the facility.

“The challenge, and part of the interest, is that no day is ever the same,” Galileo says. “Planning is critical, but flexibility is priority. For example, on 72-hours notice, we moved from a non-event weekend with arena football set to relocating a concert from another venue to EnergySolutions Arena.While these occurrences are the exception, smaller versions of this example are the norm, across multiple facilities on the same day and at the same time.”

Galileo also enjoys working with associates, patrons and vendors. Depending on the season or the event, Galileo manages between 150 to 250 people. His philosophy on overseeing so many people in such a large venue: “Treat people with dignity and respect, work hard, have some fun, expect people to act like adults and hold them accountable.”

The Great Recession has played a key role in Galileo's management of EnergySolutions Arena. More than ever, Galileo and his staff are looking for ways to improve productivity and lower costs. Energy retrofits and designing around energy efficiency are high on his list of priorities, along with anything that impacts customer satisfaction, Galileo says.

“Given the economic conditions, we are doing what we can, when we can,” Galileo says.

Galileo is also doing what he can to stay up to date in the industry.The internet, he says, has completely changed the game, and he uses it to keep current on managing entertainment facilities. Galileo is also a member of the International Facility Management Association as well as the International Association of Venue Managers. These, he says, are great resources for keeping him up to date on technologies, regulations and trends in the industry.

“My future plans are to keep learning,” Galileo says. “You can never stop. Being a continuous learner not only keeps you current and employed, I believe it helps your overall morale and outlook on the future.”

As for the future of the facilities Galileo manages, “We will continue to improve our properties to keep them current, relevant, appealing, cost effective and profitable.”


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