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Location, Location and No Leaks: Be Smarter Than Water

plumbing-thumbDamage from water is the number one maintenance expense for building owners. If you have been in the real estate game, whether as a developer, owner, architect, engineer, realtor or in maintenance, chances are you’ve seen a great building in a great location, sitting empty with a “For Sale” sign.


Using Water for Heating and Cooling


A world of information is out there. For instance, the high energy costs in Europe for the past several decades have forced the building industry there to be energy efficient. The head of the Department of Energy, Steven Chu, said the energy challenge facing us can be won by playing smarter.


Tune Up Your Boiler and Receive Substantial Energy Savings

boiler-thumbBoilers generally account for more than 40 percent of the heating energy in commercial buildings, according to ENERGY STAR®. For these facilities, regular HVAC maintenance is essential to capturing energy and cash savings.


Plumbing a Cramped Park City Mechanical Room

plumbingcramped-thumbWhen Mountain Seas Development planned to renovate its historic building located in downtown Park City, Utah, careful, space-conscious design was imperative.


Energy Efficient Boiler Maintenance Can Save You Money

boiler-thumbMaking small adjustments to boiler systems or installing energy efficient boilers can save hundreds of dollars per year on utility bills. Investing in energy-efficiency makes good business sense. That is why every building owner should carefully consider whether their boilers are operating efficiently.


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