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Bird & Pest Control

Bed Bug Canine Inspection Services for Commercial Facilities

Sprague Pest Solutions Provides Bed Bug Canine Inspection Services for Commercial FacilitiesJune sniffed along the floor boards, behind the furniture and between the couch cushions. She worked the room carefully and quickly – smelling for the faint scent of bed bugs which had been carefully hidden in a controlled environment. The exercise is one the black Labrador has done many times before – both as a test and for actual detection.


Barn Swallows’ Nesting can be Prevented

birdpestThe migrating barn or cliff swallows are one of natures most beautiful and graceful fliers. They are colorful fliers with a rust belly, red breast and throat, blue-black upper parts and pointed wings. Fast flying, the barn or cliff swallow can be found hunting for insects as it swoops and darts over Utah’s lakes, ponds, fields and golf courses.


Prepping for Winter Pests

pestSpring isn’t the only time for rigorous cleaning and sanitation – an important key to reducing pest populations. If food is served on-site, food debris can get trapped in tile grout, under equipment and in hard-to-reach corners and crevices, creating a ready food supply for flies, roaches and other pests. Worst yet, this is also where many pests breed, multiplying your problems.


Bats: A Common Nuisance

bats-thumbOf the 925 bats species worldwide, 44 bat species are in the United States. Most of the 18 species are in small colonies, roosting in trees, caves, crevices, bridges and cliffs. Five species are known to colonize in buildings. The two most common of these are the Brazilian free-tailed bat and the big brown bat.