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Eliminate Dog Waste Problems
By Gene Michaels   

Most communities have regulations that require dog owners to clean up after their pets. This is especially true for gated communities, condominium complexes and apartment complexes. To help dog owners comply with these rules and make it more convenient for them, many management groups and associations are installing pet waste stations for the residents.

Providing a pet waste station, which consists of a dispenser and pet waste collection mitts, creates a prominent awareness of each dog owner’s responsibility and produces greater compliance. The system also offers other benefits.
“Everyone’s happier,” says Rod Lukey, operations manager at Mutt Mitts. “Dog owners appreciate the consideration and convenience, and non-dog owners appreciate the cleaner grounds. Installing a pet waste system shows a high level of service commitment to all residents.”
muttmittdogwastestationMutt Mitts have been offered since 1989 and are used by more than 6,000 parks, campgrounds and communities nationwide. The company’s product line includes complete pet waste systems and two different waste collection tools - Mutt Mitt and its new compostable sister, Bio-Mitt. All Mutt Mitt pet pollution solution products are made in the USA.
Not only is dog waste highly offensive to most people, it’s also a health risk. It contains millions of harmful bacteria that cause diseases, worms and parasites. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, disease from dog feces can spread to other dogs, children and adults.
Dog waste is also a major pollutant and contaminant of the water supply. The Environmental Protection Agency places dog feces in the same health category as oil and toxic chemicals. Unclaimed dog waste washes from green spaces to storm drains and then into waterways. It is estimated that one-third of all water contamination is a result of dog waste run-off. Picking up after a dog reduces pathogens from reaching watersheds.
The best way to manage the problem is to install a pet waste station. It makes cleaning up easy and convenient. It also reminds dog owners of their responsibility, and informs them about proper disposal. Studies prove that installing a pet waste station significantly increases the amount of waste picked up.
“Providing a pet waste station for residents can actually save you money and increase operational efficiency,” Lukey states. “It’s far less expensive to provide a dispenser and waste mitts than it is to clean up soiled areas and handle resident complaints regarding unclean grounds.”
Many property management groups, homeowner associations and complexes charge a small 'pet fee' to help cover the costs of installing and maintaining a dispenser. Most dog owners don’t mind paying the fee since they directly benefit from it.
However, Lukey suggests an alternative to charging fees. He says a sponsor is a great way to help underwrite the cost. The mitts offer many sponsorship opportunities for local veterinarians, groomers or other businesses. Sponsor’s ads can be printed directly on the mitts through the company’s custom printing program. muttmittsponsor 
“It’s actually possible to generate a positive revenue stream by having a sponsor’s ad printed on the mitts,” Lukey points out. “The value of this program to the community and the sponsoring businesses exceeds the investment.”

When purchasing a pet waste system, it’s important to make sure the mitts are heavy-duty and environmentally-friendly. Plus, the dispenser must be durable and easy to use.
Mutt Mitts are 100 percent degradable and designed to break down in landfills, all while protecting the watershed. In addition, the gusseted bottom pouch is unique to the industry and makes a huge difference by allowing for more fillable space when the mitt is opened. The mitts are also completely puncture resistant.
The dispensers are easy to set up and attach to a pole, fence, gate or even a mailbox post. The units are wind-proof, rain-proof, and designed to withstand the worst weather, making them ideal for long-term service. They come in white or green, so the color can blend with the buildings or grounds. Plus, custom weather-proof aluminum signs are available.

Refilling the dispenser is quick and easy. Simply unlock the box with the supplied key and place a pre-measured stack inside. Using patented technology, the dispensers release only one mitt at a time - unlike a roll where pet owners take several at once.
A pet waste station is the solution to an unsightly and serious problem, and it can prevent more severe actions being taken. After all, when the situation causes too many complaints and problems, it often becomes a reason to ban dogs from areas. A pet waste system can stop this from happening.
Gated communities, condominium or apartment complexes and similar environs can greatly improve the quality and appearance of their grounds by installing a pet waste system. As a result, everyone is happier.
Sample Mutt Mitts and additional information can be obtained by calling 800-697-6084 or by visiting www.muttmitts.com.


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